Do You Suffer From Anxiety and Panic Attacks?

Do You Suffer From Anxiety and Panic Attacks?

Find relief through anxiety therapy in Glenview, IL

Anxiety is a common problem for adults and children. It often comes with consistent worry, stress and panic attacks. RC Counseling based in Glenview, Illinois offers anxiety therapy services to help clients like you find relief. We use EMDR, or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, to reduce the distress you may feel from traumatic incidents.

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Know the signs of a panic attack

Having a panic attack is often overwhelming. If you’re present and able to recognize the signs of one, it can be easier to manage. When you’re having a panic attack…

  • Your heart begins to race
  • You feel lightheaded
  • Your breathing is irregular
  • You begin to sweat

Anxiety therapy and EDMR can help you manage your panic attacks. RC Counseling offers therapy for residents in the Glenview, Illinois area.

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